In my capacity as next treasurer of the class, I want to bring you up to date on the banking situation. Because of new banking regulations, it is virtually impossible to change signatories on our bank account. The Alumnae Office has decided to offer classes after their 60th reunions the option of having the WCAA receive, hold, and disperse the funds in the class treasury, subject to direction of the class. Putting aside the probably unwarranted assumption that women in their 80's are incapable of properly handling bank accounts, the Board has agreed to accept this option.

Accordingly, I'm waiting until all outstanding checks have cleared and will arrange to have the balance in the account transferred to the WCAA. This should be done by the end of December. Fortunately Ronnie Selig, last retiring class president, is still a signatory and will be able to do this. It may be somewhat complicated to then close the account but I'll work on it!

Thus, please do NOT send any more bills or contributions to the Class until I notify you that the funds are in the custody of the WCAA. I surely hope this will be done by February. 

Happy New Year!